Jorge Quintela


was born in Porto, in 1981. He graduated in Photography and Audiovisual Studies, in 2003, at Escola Superior Artística do Porto. Since then, he has worked in cinema, both as a director and cinematographer , having collaborated with filmmakers such as Edgar Pêra, Rodrigo Areias, Rita Azevedo Gomes, Gabriel Abrantes, Ben Rivers, and Salomé Lamas and also Diogo Costa Amarante. In 2010, he debuts his filmmaking career with “On The Road to Femina” and “Ausstieg”. The first movie is a short documentary film about the musician Paulo Furtado aka The Legendary Tigerman and was presented at the IndieLisboa festival. The second is a sort feature film which was awarded with an honorable mention in the Experimental Competition of the Curtas Vila do Conde Film Festival, having been exhibited in several international film festivals. In 2011, he directed the short feature film “Love is the Answer to a Lack of Argument”, which was awarded with best Portuguese short feature film in 2012, at FEST – Festival Novos Realizadores| Novo Cinema, in Espinho. In 2013, for the movie “Carosello”, he is awarded with the Grand Prize of the Curtas Vila do Conde Film Festival and the awards for best short feature film and the Audience Award at the Festival de Cinema Luso-Brasileiro. His latest short feature film, entitled “Over El Cielo” (2015) featured in the competitive section of some major international festivals, such as the NEXT Film Festival, in Bucharest, and the Crossing Europe Film Festival, in Linz. He has also been presenting some video installation art pieces and audiovisual performances, such as “Spectroscope” and “Radioscope”, exhibited at Solar – Galeria de Arte Cinemática and CAAA – Centro para os Assuntos da Arte e Arquitetura, in Guimarães. In 2016, with the collaboration of Rui Lima and Sérgio Martins, he launched the SoundScope Cinema project, presented both at the Curtas Vila do Conde Film Festival and at the Temps d’Image Lisboa. He also collaborates with the Sonoscopia Associação Cultural in the creation of the performance/installation art projects “Drapper Point e Sublumia”, which were presented at the Festival de Arte Sonora Lisboa 2018 and at the exhibition “Disposofónicos”, at Palácio Vila Flor, in Guimarães.

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