Leonor Noivo


Leonor Noivo studied Architecture and Photography before joining Lisbon’s Film School, where she specialized on Editing and Directing in 2004. She attended the Ateliers Varan Documentary Filmmaking course in 2006 at the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon. Since then she works as script-supervisor, scriptwriter and assistant director in documentaries and fiction films and collaborated with several directors (such as João Pedro Rodrigues, João Salaviza, João Nicolau, Marília Rocha, Pedro Pinho, Tiago Hespanha, João Vladimiro, João Botelho, Carlos Conceição, Inês Oliveira, Filipa Reis and João Miller, among others). She collaborated with several creators in the performance area, creating contents and video installations, as well as Film-Project workshops in ArCo’s, ESMAD's and ESAD’s Cinema Courses. She is co-founder of the production company TERRATREME Filmes, a platform of filmmakers created in 2008, where she has developed, alongside her films, the work as a producer in coordination and monitoring of fiction and documentary projects

Other Films

  • LUCIDEZ DE LÚCIA, FIC, 16mm, Colour, 6’, 1998
  • O QUE RESTA, FIC, Betacam, Colour, 13’, 2000
  • MACAU APARTE, DOC, 35mm, Colour, 35’, 2001
  • ESQUARTEJAMENTO, FIC, Betacam, Colour, 50’, 2002
  • INSIDE OUT, DOC, Betacam, Colour, 14’, 2004
  • EXCURSÃO, DOC, Betacam, Colour, 25', 2005
  • MOULD, Fic, 13', 2005
  • ASSEMBLEIA, DOC, Betacam, Colour, 27', 2006
  • ENTRE NÓS, FIC, 2006
  • AIRPORT, Video-Instalation, 3', 2006
  • LATTER DAY SAINTS, Doc, 52', 2009
  • ESCOLA BÁSICA 26, Doc, 50', 2009
  • THE CITY AND THE SUN, Fic,18', 2012

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