Maureen Fazendeiro


Maureen Fazendeiro was born in France in 1989. She completed her classes préparatoire (part of the French post-secondary education system) in Lille, before obtaining a degree in Art and Literature and a master’s in Cinema Studies at the Denis Diderot University – Paris VII. In 2012, she joined Independencia (now, Norte), where she was developing the distribution of films and accompanying the publishing of books on cinema (interview with Miguel Gomes, texts by Jean Epstein, a monograph on Stephen Dwoskin…). In 2014, she concluded her first film, Motu Maeva, screened at FID Marseille and various international film festivals, museums and cinematheques, and for which she received various awards. She works with film medium and is a member of L'abominable, an artist-run film laboratory based in Paris. Since 2016, she is working as a co-writer for Miguel Gomes’s upcoming film, Selvajaria, and has been preparing her first feature-length film, As Estações. She lives in Lisbon.

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