'Natureza Humana' premiado no Achtung Berlin

Publicado a 20 abril 2023

O filme de Mónica Lima conquistou o prémio de melhor curta-metragem.

Boas notícias da Alemanha: 'Natureza Humana', de Mónica Lima, vence o prémio de Melhor Curta-metragem na 19.ª edição do Achtung Berlin Film Festival.
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Declaração do Júri:
This film invites us to enter a confined space in which a relationship in its intimacy and closeness is developed. Time expands and envelops us in a moment of reflection in which we question our sense of meaning and connection, past and future, life and death. With tender and delicate images, this film paints a sensitive portrait of human nature that encourages us to be patient and mindful. In a garden hidden among houses we are welcome to cultivate our feelings and thoughts."


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