"A Present Light" at Berlinale Shorts

09 June 2021

The presential phase of the 71st edition of Berlinale starts today, with open-air cinema sessions. "A Present Light" by Diogo Costa Amarante is part of the Berlinale Shorts section, dedicated to the short film format.

A Present Light", Diogo Costa Amarante's latest film, selected for the Berlinale Shorts section of the 71st edition of the Berlin International Film Festival, launched in March with an industry event, in online format for professionals in the field and press, will be presented, in person, to general audiences, between June 9th and 20th 2021, with cinema and outdoor sessions.

The short film focuses on the heartbreak of Gonçalo, a man who, one rainy night, leaves home to deliver a letter to someone who left him. On the way, at a corner, he meets a woman who tells him to pay attention to the road, that is slippery. The man falls off his motorcycle and thus meets Diana.

“A Present Light” is part of the fourth Berlinale Shorts session, together with four short films from different parts of the globe, which will be presented on June 9th and 10th at 9:45 pm (local time) in open-air cinemas in Hasenheide and from Filmrauschpalast.

Regarding the live screening of his film, Diogo Costa Amarante said: "We are very excited about this possibility of being able to finally present A Present Light, in person and rediscover an audience that, despite the new circumstances, is always faithful and generous. it seems, the capacity of the cinema where the first screening will take place is already full. I even believe that the outdoor screening will be just right for the film."

The Berlinale is one of the most prestigious international film festivals. Created in 1951, it was shaped by the post-war period and the division of the city of Berlin, developing as an intercultural platform for exploring social issues. In addition to being considered one of the most political festivals on the world, the Berlin International Film Festival is also, in its plurality, a space of convergence between the great movie stars, formal experimentation and the discovery of new talents.

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