Bustarenga awarded at DocEnCourts

23 December 2019

The documentary "Bustarenga" by Ana Maria Gomes received the Grand Prize of the 19th edition of the DocEnCourts festival, that took place from 11st to 15th December in France.

According to the DocEnCourts jury, "Bustarenga", by Ana Maria Gomes, is "a beautiful film about the great question of love, portrayed with tenderness but also with a distant humor that evokes that of Luc Moullet for the way the filmmaker addresses himself with intelligence and distance. At the center of the film there’s a serious theme lightly represented, which brings all the contemporary modernity of encounters to the era of social media in a village with almost archaic customs. A beautiful editing work that builds the film as a ballad on the theme of Prince Charming, where words and looks always respond to each other at the right distance".

"Bustarenga" co-produced by Curta Metragens C.R.L (Portugal) and ECCE FILMS (France), tells the story of Ana who returns to Bustarenga in summer, a mountain village in the interior of Portugal, where the inhabitants worry about Ana being single at the age of 36. Ana listen to the advice and warnings of the villagers to find the prince enchanted according to the village's precepts.

The film will be shown again at the Centre Pompidou in Paris on 6th March 2020 at 8pm.

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