Celebrating 20 years of Agência

04 June 2019

In this month of June, we highlight two big retrospectives on Portuguese cinema abroad - Animafest Zagreb and Côté Court Pantin - as well as the upcoming exhibitions in Portugal of “Carte Blanche to Portuguese Directors”.

After Oberhausen, we continue the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of Agencia – Portuguese Short Film Agency. This month of June, we highlight two large retrospectives of Portuguese Cinema, to be held in Croatia and France, prepared with the close collaboration of Agencia, both in curation in making the screening prints available. In the coming days, in Portugal, the Agencia’s anniversary is also celebrated in Espinho, and then Vila do Conde, with the programs "Carte Blache to Portuguese Directors", an initiative that, in the course of a year, will travel to the different Portuguese film festivals, from north to south of the country, with special screenings in honor of the Portuguese cinematography of the 21st century.

Animafest Zagreb, held from June 3rd to 9th in Croatia, will feature an extensive program of Portuguese animation films composed of three generations of talented, multi-faceted and innovative filmmakers, and the most extraordinary animated pearls. There will be three sessions divided by periods: the 90s, the first decade of sec. XXI and our days. Animafest Zagreb will also present as international premiere, in competition, the latest short film by Regina Pessoa, "Uncle Thomas, Accounting for the Days" and, in the World Panorama, "Afloat" by Filipe Abranches. As an appetizer, the festival screened some days ago, the film "Entre Sombras" by Alice Guimarães and Mónica Santos, in a "Best of" program composed by award winning films in 2018.

The Côté Court will present a Focus on Portugal divided in 5 programs composed of with films that, in the words of the festival, will witness the "miracle of international visibility of Portugal, disproportionate when seen in the light of its diminutive production ". The program is composed of films by renowned filmmakers, such as Manoel de Oliveira or João César Monteiro, and by a new generation of filmmakers, in a transversal glance at the Portuguese short film format, from the 60's to the present day. The festival takes place from June 5th to 15th, in Patin, France.

The director Gonçalo Almeida will be the programmer of the “Carte Blanche to Portuguese Directors”, initiative at the Fest in Espinho. The director painted a "portrait of Portuguese cinema" by the hand of Pedro Fortes, Alberto Seixas Santos, Pedro Caldas, Ricardo Almeida, Bárbara Oliveira and João Rodrigues, focusing on a recurring theme in his own work, the female universe through the cinema : "A woman who, in the various universes she inhabits, is lost at the mercy of an ungrateful and indifferent cosmos."

In July, the “Carte Blanche to Portuguese Directors” continues. This time, with João Nicolau programing for Curtas Vila do Conde. In the words of the author, "to be able to choose among all the Portuguese short films born in the 21st century is a too generous gift, an epic fishery. In short, a revelry. There is, I know, no principle other than pleasure to preside over such a libation". João Nicolau will present a program for hungry eyes starting with "Panels of São Vicente de Fora – Poetic Vision " by Manoel de Oliveira, "Canticle of all Creatures" by Miguel Gomes, "I Know You Can Hear Me" by Miguel Fonseca and " The Glory of Filmmaking in Portugal” by Manuel Mozos.

Alto Patrocínio


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