Agencia 20 Years: "Carte Blanche" to Portuguese Directors

11 April 2019

As part of the celebration of its 20th anniversary, the Agencia presents the "Carte Blanche to Portuguese Directors" initiative, which will cover the various film festivals in the space of a year, from north to south Portugal, with special sessions of nat

The Carte Blanche to the Directors will be a portuguese cinema show of inverted process inviting the people who think cinema in its origin - the creators - to put themselves in the role of the programmer and to make a return to the national cinema in a session of short films.

The nomination of each of the personalities is the responsibility of the host festival, and the filmmaker is challenged to present a critical and inventivepPortuguese cinema narrated by himself in a look at his peers, where there will be space to reflect on the significant changes that have been made in the portuguese cinema in the new century, in its perceived profile in Portugal and beyond borders (among which the legitimation of the short film format), the diversity of approaches and paths followed by the national creators, relationships and complicity.

The initiative will start next Sunday, April 14th, at the Portuguese-Brazilian Festival of Santa Maria da Feira, at 3:30 p.m., and will be attended by curator Rodrigo Areias, followed by the Fest in Espinho (which invited Gonçalo Almeida) , Curtas Vila do Conde (with João Nicolau), Filmes do Homem (Eduardo Brito), Motel X (João Pedro Rodrigues), Queer Lisboa and Queer Porto (Cláudia Varejão), Close-Up (Pedro Serrazina), Doc Lisboa (Mariana Galvão), Vista Curta (to be confirmed), Temps D’Image (Paulo Furtado), Inshadow (Rui Xavier), Cinanima (Vasco Sá e David Doutel), Caminhos do Cinema Português (João Salaviza), Porto/Post/Doc (Mónica Santos e Alice Guimarães), Monstra (José Miguel Ribeiro), Cortex (Patrick Mendes), Indie Lisboa (Gabriel Abrantes), Encontros de Viana (Manuel Mozos), Fantasporto (José Magro) e Leiria Film Festival (Edgar Pêra).

The celebration of the 20 years of Agencia will also include the publication of a portuguese cinema book of the XXI century, coordinated and edited by Daniel Ribas and Paulo Cunha, portuguese cinema researchers  with extensive bibliography and regular collaborators at Curtas Vila do Conde. The book release is scheduled for  October, will feature texts by Augusto Seabra, Haden Guest, Adrian Martin, Leo Goldsmith, Roger Koza, Carmen Gray, Cíntia Gil, Iván Villarmea, Tiago Baptista, Pascale Cassagnau, Olivier Cotte and Martin Pawley.

This project carried out by Agencia with the participation of  festivals and the indispensable collaboration of the filmmakers who joined the challenge, has the financial support of the Film and Audiovisual Institute, and intends to be another significant step in a set of future initiatives in support of our film culture.

Alto Patrocínio


Membro fundador