Dimitri Mihajlovic


Dimitri Mihajlovic, born in Belgrade, Serbia, in 1990, is a director, animator and compositor, currently based in Porto. He graduated in Art - Multimedia - animation branch under the guidance of José Pedro Cavalheiro (Zepe), at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon in 2012, where he continued for a Post-Graduation under the same tutorship in 2013. Still in his formative years, he began working on independent short films, having participated in the production of "M" by Joana Bartolomeu, as a layout artist and animator. After finishing his post-graduation, he joined the team of "Modo Imago", where he stayed for 2 years, participating as lead-compositor in films like "Vigil" by Rita Cruchinho Neves and "Máquina ou a Casa de Habitar" by Catarina Romano. In 2015 he was invited by the team of BAP - Animation Studio, having continuously participated in various projects since then, such as: "Elo" (assistant director, animator and compositing), "Homem das Pernas Altas" (animator and compositing), "Agouro" (compositing and painting), among others. Recently, he co-directed the short film "Quase Me Lembro", with Miguel Lima.

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