Frederico Mesquita


Frederico Mesquita (b. 1991, Lisbon, Portugal) finished in 2013 the Painting Degree at the Lisbon Fine Arts School and in 2016 the Film Degree at the Lisbon Theatre and Film School (ESTC), specializing in Directing. He worked as a production assistant in severeal portuguese short films, such as “High Cities of Bone”, by João Salaviza, “All I Imagine”, by Leonor Noivo, and “Barbs, Wastelands”, by Marta Mateus, besides having produced the short films “At Dawn” and “The Blue Pajamas”. He currently works as a production secretary at the portuguese based production company Herma Films, founded in 2015 by Gabriel Abrantes. “Mariana’s Late”, made with the financial support of the GDA Foundation, is his first short film.

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