"Our Kingdom" and "Leap" awarded at Vistacurta

18 October 2021

The films by Luís Costa and Nuno Baltazar were awarded at Vistacurta, short film festival that took place in Viseu between October 12 and 16.

Directed by Luís Costa"Our Kingdom" was the winner of the National Production Award in the Viseu festival. Awarded, according to the jury, for the "apparent simplicity of form, and the way it contrasts with the thematic complexity, the imagery and sound components and their relationship lead to an eminently cinematographic experience". The short film was produced by Bando à Parte and recently won the MOTELX Award Best Portuguese Horror Short Film 2021 and the Méliès d'argent Award - Best European Short Film 2021.

"Leap", by Nuno Baltazar, was awarded the Primeira Vista Award. The Portuguese filmmaker wanted to "explore a day in the life of a young boy as he drifts through a recession-ridden city, reimagining not only a temporal and geographical space, but also an emotional universe." Produced by Grumpy Panda and Nuno Baltazar, the film has been shown in festivals such as the Festival International Cinéma Méditerranéen Montpellier or the IndieCork Film Festival.

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