"Serpentarius", "Black Sun" e "Dogs Barking at Birds" at Viennale

18 October 2019

"Serpentarium", "Black Sun" and "Dogs Barking at Birds" will have their Austrian debut at Viennale

Carlos Conceição's “Serpentarius”, Maureen Fazendeiro's “Black Sun” and Leonor Teles's “Dog Barking Birds” will make their Austrian debut at Viennale, the most important international event dedicated to cinema in Austria, as well as one of the oldest and best known German-speaking festivals in the world, which will take place from 24 October to 6 November.

Leonor Teles's “Dog Barking Birds” was premiered in September at the Venice International Film Festival, in the competitive section Orizzonti Short Films Competition which resulted in the nomination for the 2019 European Film Awards (EFA).
Viennale programmer Adrian Martin presents the film on the festival pageSocial “gentrification” as defined, clinically and dispassionately, on Wikipedia: Teles starts from this information, adding a fine touch of irony. Her aim is different: to observe what such social displacement of individuals and families (thanks to tourism) feels like from the inside, as lived experience. Especially when you are a teenager, when constant change, mobility, and transience are the norm. A fragmented, not-quite-narrative snapshot-chronicle of Vicente and his friends in Porto, this refreshing, lively film has a Leos Carax ambience, bouncing between worry, anger, and youthful energy.

Maureen Fazendeiro's “Black Sun” had a world premiere last July at Curtas Vila do Conde. Its international debut took place at the Wavelengths section of the Toronto International Film Festival and will be now presented by the director in Vienna in the Shorts section.
Programmer Michael Sicinski describes the film on the event's websiteTaking the recent partial solar eclipse as its ostensible topic, Fazendeiro’s film is a meditation on the role that light plays in shaping consciousness. To this end, we hear Delphine Seyrig reading a poem by Henri Michaux about a land where sunlight is a precious commodity. Fazendeiro opens the film with tinted images – mountains, volcanoes, waterfalls – that resemble the ethnographic recordings of early explorers. In context, this material seems to suggest that, at one time, everything before the camera seemed out of reach, impossible to see. Now, not even the sun is off limits to our eyes.

Carlos Conceição's “Serpentarius” had its world premiere in the Forum section of the Berlin Film Festival and was awarded with the Nuove Visione Prize at the Sicilia Queer in Italy and the Audience Award at the Burgas Film Festival in Bulgaria. The film will be presented by its director and actor João Arrais, within the Viennale's Features section, which includes the films of Pedro Costa, Agnés Varda, Nadav Lapid or Dardenne brothers.
SERPENTÁRIO unfolds before our eyes as a hypnotic journey between memories and premonitory visions, with the idea of voyage as the starting point for a personal and collective search. - describes Nico Marzano on the page that the festival dedicates to the film.

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