Cinema Cycle "El Novísimo Cine Portugués"

07 October 2019

The Cinema Cycle “El Novísimo Cine Portugués”, composed of 15 short films, will be exhibited between the 7th and 10th of October, at the Art House Azinema of BilbaoArte.

Agência, in collaboration with Instituto Camões and Embaixada de Portugal, together with Fundação BilbaoArte for the creation of cinema cycle “El Novísimo Cine Portugués” (The Very New Portuguese Cinema), which will be exhibited between the 7th and 10th of October, at the Art House Azinema of BilbaoArte.

Or program, composed of 5 sessões, has a total of 15 curtas-metragens. “Semente Exterminadora”, by Pedro Neves Marques, “How Fernando Pessoa Saved Portugal”, by Eugène Green, “Madness”, by João Viana, “Bad Bunny”, by Carlos Conceição, “River Through The Mountains”, by José Magro, “ Augur”, by David Doutel and Vasco Sá or "High Cities of Bone”, by João Salaviza, are some of titles to be exhibited.

The organiser writes in the presentation of the cycle: "It was in the decade of the 90s when it began to be perceived that, from an industry as seemingly peripheral as the Portuguese, it was possible to illuminate quality cinema with its own identity. Suddenly, the Portuguese cinema, beyond some iconic names that in their singularity had written the unusual of its existence, was revealed as a new emerging spring and good filmmakers. That close and neighbouring cinematography did not made dozens of premieres every year, its production is far from that hundred feature films that are produced in Spain, but the average quality of the set, the risk and the average personality of that cinematography was surprisingly enviable.

This fall, the traditional foray into the best Portuguese cinema of the present includes an exciting journey through 15 of his best-received short films of recent years. Among those fifteen short films are the names of the filmmakers called to mark the future of Portuguese film production. Fifteen windows to look out on a country in which the cinematographic creation is carried out from sensibility and intelligence with the recognisable flavour of the personality of a country, of a culture."

Alto Patrocínio


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