"Look no Further" at MOTELX Lisbon International Horror Film Festival

28 August 2019

"Look no Further" by André Marques, selected to the festival MOTELX - Lisbon International Horror Film Festival

"Look no Further" it's the most recent short film by André Marques, the film is selected for the International Competition of Short-Films in MOTELX that will happen from 10th to 15th of september in Lisbon, the program was revealed today.

The film is produced by Primeira Idade and co-produced by Offshore, will be exhibited on 12th of september at 21h20 in Sala 3 of Cinema São Jorge.

"Elle wakes up Löic from a hidden grave in a forest. He doesn’t remember anything, only what they are: vampires. As his memory slowly returns, Elle fears the love she deeply feels for him might not be sufficient to keep him by her side".

Press kit available here.

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