World premiere of Regina Pessoa's new film at MONSTRA

19 March 2019

Regina Pessoa's new animated film, "Uncle Thomas, Accounting For The Days", will premiere on March 21 at Monstra - Lisbon Animation Festival.

Regina Pessoa will premiere the short film at MONSTRA that will be dedicated an exhibition at the National Society of Fine Arts in Lisbon for 25 years of working together with the producer and director Abi Feijó.

"Uncle Thomas, Accounting For The Days", which covers adulthood, follows three films that the director has focused on childhood: "The Night" (1999), "Tragic Story With Happy Ending" (2005) and "Kali, The Little Vampire" (2012).

The narrative presents a man in a day-to-day routine of work, and a girl whom he teaches to draw on the wall by the fireplace with a piece of burned wood. In a black-and-white record, in an animated print, customary in Regina Pessoa's work, there is only one red color note punctuating some scenes from the film.

The short film has international co-production with France and Canada.

Born in Coimbra in 1969, Regina Pessoa is one of the most awarded filmmakers ever in Portuguese animation. "Tragic Story With Happy Ending" and "Kali, The Little Vampire" add up to over 80 distinctions.

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