"Russa" wins award at the Stuttgarter Fimwinter festival

21 January 2019

The short film "Russa" by João Salaviza and Ricardo Alves Jr. won the "TEAM-WORK-AWARD" award from the Stuttgarter Fimwinter festival in Germany.

According to the jury of the festival "The two directors achieved in their film an intimate relationship with their protagonist." This portrait of a woman out on a short parole from her term in jail is reflected with an impressive cinematographic consciousness of Russian personality, her sense of community The film depicts Russia with outstandingly sensitive camera work and succeeds in extending the character to kind of dignity often denied in worlds other than cinema. "

At the invitation of the Porto City Council, the directors were in artistic residence during three months of this year, for the production of a short film under the municipal program Cultura em Expansão. The place chosen for the creation of this film was the neighborhood of Aleixo and the work was built in a collaborative process between a group of residents and the duo of filmmakers. The narratives and fragments of intimacy that they found in the chosen territory, the Neighborhood of Aleixo, became the subject of a film, realized by them, entitled "Russa".

Alto Patrocínio


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