Salaviza and Cristina Hanes awarded at British festival

04 September 2018

Short films by João Salaviza and Cristina Hanes were awarded at the British festival, Slow Short Film Festival.

The short films "High Cities of Bone" by João Salaviza and "António and Catarina" by Cristina Hanes were awarded at the Slow Short Film Festival. Both films were produced by Terratreme. 

The film by João Salaviza, won the Jury Prize given by filmmaker Scott Barley, film researcher and  Emre Caglayan, filmmaker Sebastian Cordes, filmmaker Pilar Palomero, Film Programmer Rachel Pronger and writer and programmer Giuliano Vivaldi. The jury justified their choice describing it as a "film that expressed a mythological grandeur, a film incantation which managed to marshal so many cinematic wonders, producing what was an unforgettable work of film art which managed to reveal some of the secrets and mysteries of the present moment through the dark visual power of a subject’s flight and resistance, uniting the extraordinary rhythm, visual and sonic splendor with the true poetic potential of slow cinema."

"António and Catarina" was mentioned by the jury of the festival but it was the audience that decided to award the short film directed by Cristina Hanes. The film was described "as the view from an apartment, and relief from the claustrophobic but incredibly powerful relationship between a filmmaker and their documentary subject. This film managed to overturn all the expectations of this relationship and radically questioned the conventional power dynamic between filmmaker and subject, revealing with such rare honesty the vulnerability of the documentary filmmaker and giving the viewer a rarely shown insight into this dynamic relationship between filmmaker and filmed subject". , "António and Catarina". 

The festival ended last September 1 in Sussex, England.

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