"Anteu" by João Vladimiro at the New York Film Festival

28 August 2018

The short film "Anteu", by João Vladimiro, was selected for the New York Film Festival, taking place in that North American city between September 28th and October 14th.

The 56th edition of the New York Film Festival takes place at the end of September and the film "Anteu" by the Portuguese director João Vladimiro will be part of the short film program section.

Directed by João Vladimiro and produced by Terratreme in coproduction with Pomme Hurlant, the film is described by the festival as a vividly stylized and formally audacious work from Portuguese director which follows the life of a young man as he gradually becomes the last living person of his village. The film tells the story of Anteu who is born in a village where he’s the only child around. One by one the people from the village start to disappear and Anteu, now a 17 years old boy carries on with his solitary life. One night, a dream awakes him: who would bury him?

The film was shot in the village of Covas do Monte, with the participation of its residents as actors, and has the collaboration of Frederico Lobo and Luís Palito in writing the script and Gonçalo M. Tavares in the narration.

At the time of its world premiere, in the last edition of Curtas de Vila do Conde, Paulo Cunha wrote about the film for the catalogue of the event:

“Anteu” is a film of contrasts and opposites – sometimes compatible (sound and silence, black-and-white and colour), other times not (the cradle and the grave) – often overlapping in order to allow the creation of new meanings (such as the double-voiced narration by Gonçalo M. Tavares and by João Vladimiro himself). João Vladimiro invites the viewer to reflect on life and death as rituals that transform the landscape, but also to search for the place of man as a telluric being, for the place of his uprooting, and the mediating role of nature as a way of understanding the world in its complexity.

The New York Film Festival is held from September 28 to October 14 and it is considered one of the most important in the United States of America.

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