"A Sonolenta" awarded at Verona

09 August 2018

The short film by Marta Monteiro, "A Sonolenta", wins Best Animated Film Award in Verona.

The Portuguese animation short film "A Sonolenta", directed by Marta Monteiro, has won several prizes at national and international festivals dedicated to that cinematographic genre.

This time, the Italian festival San Gió in Verona, awarded the short the Prize for Best Animated Film justifying it "for the delicacy with which the director cites the origins of animation, creating a sinuous, poetic fantasy of pure visual beauty".

Produced by AVPL Animals, "A Sonolenta" tells the story of Mary, a very young girl who is a housemaid, and who finds herself deprived of sleep, either due to the crying of the child she takes care of, or by the requests of her masters. For this film, the director Marta Monteiro used traditional methods of 2D animation.

At the time of its world premiere, in the last edition of Curtas de Vila do Conde, Natacha Moreira wrote about the film for the catalogue of the event:

"Sleepy" is the second incursion of this illustrator in film directing (after "The Independence of Spirit", in 2011) and her first appearance at the Curtas Vila do Conde competition. The film, based on the homonymous tale by Anton Chekhov, tells the story of a girl who is responsible for taking care of a baby and for all the domestic activities in a house. When she can finally sleep, in the few pauses from the hard work that is required from her, the baby cries a lot and won’t let her rest. At the beginning of the film, a lullaby promises that "mommy's coming soon ...", but the mother will almost never come and the baby cries and cries. When the baby is finally quiet, she almost falls asleep ... until the cry starts once again. The girl dreams to rest and to have a cozy lap also for herself, while giving the baby the lap that he also needs. Days repeat in mechanical work rituals, making her live in a state of numbness. Finally, the girl, exhausted, does what the tired body asks of her."

The festival of San Gió ended last July 27th. More information here.

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