"Grbavica" and "How Fernando Pessoa Saved Portugal" in Locarno

22 July 2018

"How Fernando Pessoa Saved Portugal" by Eugène Green and "Grbavica" by Manel Raga Raga are two of the three Portuguese short films selected for Locarno Festival.

"How Fernando Pessoa Salvou Portugal", by Eugène Green, will be part of the Signs of Life section of the 71st edition of the Locarno Festival. "Grbavica" by Manel Raga Raga, will be part of the Pardi di Domani competition. The festival is held from 1 to 11 August 2018 in the Swiss city.

"Grbavica" is the most recent short film by Manel Raga Raga, an emerging Catalan director, a film that had as DOP the Portuguese director André Gil Mata. Filmed in the Grbavica neighbourhood of Sarajevo, Bosnia, the short film, in black and white and composed of continuous sequence-shot of solemn cadence, is based on the tale "A Fratricide" by Franz Kafka. In the background, a shadowy and still shattered Sarajevo is lurking.

"How Fernando Pessoa Saved Portugal", which premiered in Portugal on July 22nd at the closing ceremony of Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival, is the latest film by the Frenchman Eugène Green, the most Portuguese of the filmmakers born in the States United of America. The short film, starring Carloto Cotta, Diogo Dória, Ricardo Gross and Manuel Mozos, is a humorous trip to the universe of Fernando Pessoa. The narrative is based on one of the most famous episodes in the publicist career of the heteronym Álvaro de Campos, author of the famous slogan "Primeiro estranha-se, depois entranha-se" ("First you will be surprised, then you will be possessed" in a free translation), created in 1927 for the Coca-Cola brand in its first attempt to be sold in Portuguese territory. But the drink would be banned in Portugal and would only be commercialised 50 years after that episode.

The film "How Fernando Pessoa Saved Portugal" is the result of a co-production between France (Noodles Production), Belgium (Les Films du Fleuve of the Dardenne brothers) and Portugal (O Som e a Fúria) and will be screened in Locarno on August 4th in the Signs of Life section.

"Grbavica" is a co-production between C.R.I.M., Film Factory and La Foradada Films, and will have its world premiere in the Pardi di Domani competition on August 5th.

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