Mónica Santos


Mónica Santos is a multifaceted author with two Sophia awards from the Portuguese Film Academy and a nomination for the César from the French Film Academy. With a unique artistic vision, she builds universes that reinvent reality, giving them a poetic and surreal look that unsettles our perception. After completing her master's degree at the Royal College of Art on a Gulbenkian scholarship, she worked in various film genres. Nowadays she divides her time between film directing and art direction. The short films "Amélia & Duarte" and "Entre Sombras", which she co-directed, combine animation techniques with real images and have won national and international awards. She is a member of the Portuguese Film Academy and the American Film Academy - Oscar. "Alma" won several awards, and the film "O Casaco Rosa", based on the fascist police inspector, was recently released, as was "Palma", a story about mourning with surreal undertones.

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